Community. Content. Collaboration.

February 2025 | Edinburgh, Scotland

EXPERIENCEit, an EVENTIT production designed to support the growing market for event experiences in Scotland and beyond.

Our 1-day flagship event aims to create a lasting legacy by fostering relationships through interactive engagement, education and collaboration. By creating opportunities for the industry to come together, share, learn, collaborate, and showcase solutions, EXPERIENCEit aims to support the growing and robust community who design and deliver experiences.

Whether you are in the creative, sports, hospitality, retail, film, experiential or event industry, we've got the perfect connections for you.

Virtual Educational Showcase Series copy The events and experiences industry in Scotland thrive when we work collaboratively and towards a common goal. Our mission is to create communities, both in person and online, where events professionals can come together to offer each other advice and guidance.
Whats Trending in Events copy By establishing a community group focusing on Creating Memorable Experiences, Embracing Technology and Driving Sustainability, we will start discussions that are built on the needs of delegates and use them to shape the on the day education and interactive sessions.
The landscape of events is changing and the industry is focusing on enhancing the delegate experience. Through interactive engagement and collective conversations, we will provide delegates and suppliers alike with important information and strategies that will aide them to create memorable experiences.
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