Education Programme

Our EVENTIT 2021 education program brought together industry experts and events professionals in September for a day of education at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre. Focusing on sustainability, event technology and ‘building back better’, delegates were able to learn from the industry’s finest.  

For those who were unable to join us in person most of these sessions will be available during our Virtual Education Showcase series at the beginning of 2022. 





Building Back Better

Event Technology

Ideas Factory

20 Minutes | Masterclass

A session around extreme innovation and rapid idea generation. One event creative explores and analyses the idea process for 8 top line ideas from the last 8 months. Based on the most resource demanding projects – events, Robert will explain how ideas drive your business story.

  • Robert Dunsmore, Independent Creative Director

How Do We Make Sustainability a Necessary Luxury Element Within Scottish Incentives?

30 Minutes | Panel Discussion

We know the Incentive Industry has changed post-Covid but with sustainability so high on everyone’s agenda how can the Scottish industry collectively support our country’s route to Net-Zero? Scotland is once again at the forefront of this change globally & there is a huge amount already being done collectively here, so how do create awareness and educate without impacting on the luxury experiences that our clients expect. Share your experiences, thoughts and how we can continue to deliver the amazing experiences that Scotland has to offer our Incentive clients sustainably! 

  • Graeme Dowie, SITE Scotland

  • Sarah Jane Anderson, Little’s Chauffeur Drive & President Elect SITE Scotland

  • Fiona Pengelly, Cameron House & Board Member SITE Scotland

The Importance of Finding the Real Person Behind the Mask

20 Minutes | Masterclass

Far too often what you see does not always reflect the true story. The Pandemic has exacerbated the challenges of mental health across the board, with our sector being particularly badly affected. The unseen damage to many proud characters is only now really starting to unravel. Stuart highlights just some of the reasons to check in on colleagues in general, and why men are so vulnerable to succumbing to dark times. 

  • Stuart Mitchell, Catch the MICE

What Is an Event Anyway? And How Do You Make Yours Stand Out?

20 Minutes | Masterclass

Steve will take us through the good, bad and ugly of events and how you can protect yourself from the ultimate event fails.
He will also look demonstrate how creativity can be used to ensure you stand out, using Parisian traffic accidents, whisky and a doughnut*.

*It might be a pastry.

  • Steve Hill, BIG Partnership

Journey to Change

20 Minutes | Masterclass

VisitScotland believe that business events are change agents and that the #JourneyToChange begins in Scotland. Join us as we discuss events as catalysts for social transformation and a force for fighting climate change.

  • Emma Richards, VisitScotland

Sustainable Meetings. Step Change by the EICC

20 Minutes | Masterclass

Hear about the EICC’s recently developed sustainability programme: Step Change.  Step Change, focuses on three equally significant areas of impact: environmental, societal and economic.  We’ll touch on the science behind how it works, as well as the benefits it brings to our clients, our company, and of course, our environment.

  • Aaron McKeen, EICC

How Covid-19 is Changing the Role of Event Data – Challenges & New Opportunities

20 Minutes | Masterclass

The role of data is changing in the events industry. The dramatic shift to virtual has meant that event planners are collecting more data today than ever before. Sponsors and exhibitors are asking for more data to justify ROI. Attendees are also getting more concerned about what data they share online. And as in-person events slowly make a return, Covid restrictions are going to force organizers to be a lot more careful on what data they collect from on-site attendees (ex. vaccine certificates).

This session will unveil the results of a recent research study by Eventsforce investigating the changing role of event data for organizers, how  organisers can address challenges and why good data management will be critical to their post Covid-19 event strategy.

    • Ian Webb, Eventsforce
Designing for Future Events

20 Minutes | Masterclass

It is inevitable that advances in technology will continue to challenge and ultimately transform the events industry. Event audiences are changing. Today’s increasingly technology enabled event attendee expects that experiences will meet their live and online needs.

Organisers can either resist this change or embrace the opportunity to be the architects of the event industry’s new future.

This session explores emerging approaches to human-centered design and the changed mindset that is now required to re-imagine events and create the kinds of innovative experiences that reflect the always connected way that we now live.

  • Kim Myhre, Experience Designed

Creating Carbon Offsetting Events

20 Minutes | Masterclass

Meetings and events have the power to help shape the way people think and act. Sustainability, post pandemic, is at the forefront of event agendas. Our session will focus on why it’s important to make this subject a key part of planning your event, what event organisers should consider when aspiring to operate a carbon neutral event and finally, what is carbon offsetting and how can you use it to support your overall event objectives.

  • Pauline Beattie, Conference Care

  • Mark Upham, Conference Care

How Do We Create a Sustainable Event Sector?

20 Minutes | Masterclass

Sustainability is somehow a very misunderstood word. Event Professionals have a myriad of actions to manage in the process of creating, organising and delivering an event ‘sustainably’! The Institute of Event Management is now working on transforming the event management standards with the common thread of sustainability running through the whole process making it easier at every stage. This session provides an introduction to the role of the Institute of Event Management and its contribution to the future of human interaction through the medium of events.

  • Susan Spibey, Institute of Event Management

WTH – What The Hybrid

20 Minutes | Masterclass

The future of hybrid isn’t the “double the work, half the ROI” reality you know now. Learn how to turn these events into engaging experiences for everyone (online and on-site) and how to extend the value of your hybrid event, long after the venue lights go out.

  • Chitra Ram, eventcloud

Embracing New Technologies for Maximum Benefit

30 Minutes | Panel Discussion

The panel shares their thoughts on what tech they will be embracing and how it can be optimised for best results and optimal benefits.

  • Ian Webb, Eventsforce

  • Stuart Mitchell, Catch the MICE

  • Kim Myhre, Experience Designed

What Does Sustainability Mean for Your Event?

30 Minutes | Panel Discussion

We all perceive saving the planet in different ways. Certainly events shouldn’t ‘Cost the Earth’ but how in practice are we going to build back better?

  • Alistair Turner, EIGHTPR

  • Mark Kisby, AV Department Ltd.

  • Stuart Mitchell, Catch the MICE

Designing Business Events for Generation Z

20 Minutes | Masterclass

People born between 1996 and 2010 are now the largest generation in the global population. The older members of this cohort represent the fastest-growing segment of young professionals, and many of them are now attending in-person business events for the first time in their careers. This session will explore the distinguishing characteristics that set this group apart from previous generations and will focus on what we already know about how business events can be designed to appeal most strongly to participants in this age group, including the types of meetings formats, venues and speakers that hold most appeal for them.

  • Rob Davidson, MICE Knowledge

What does the road ahead look like for healthcare events?

30 Minutes | Panel Discussion

We all know too well that the live event’s industry has had to adapt over the last 18 months in the absence of being able to meet in person. This this has been acutely felt in the healthcare events sector. At a time when healthcare research, exchange, collaboration and education has never been more necessary, finding alternate solutions in a virtual environment to meet the continuing need was imperative. However, what does the future for healthcare meetings look like?

  • Caroline McKenzie, Open Audience

  • Jenny Elliot, Fitwise Management Ltd.

  • Lindsey Whitehouse, MD Integrity Corporate Events Ltd.


4th & 25th February, 4th March and 1st April.